How We Work With You

Protect your E&O by offering the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums!

  • No Contracts

Having no contracts makes it easy to serve a continuously growing broker network of over 800 across Canada.

  • Commission

We offer you 17.5%* Commission on new business accounts. 

*15% for Wellness Centre & Special Event accounts

  • Submissions

Quotations are sent within a 24- 48hr timeline upon receipt of our fully completed application.

  • Marketing Kits

We offer marketing kits to our brokers who wish to expand their book of business by promoting our leading niche market policies.

  • Specialty Programs

Our in house custom wording and programs were created specifically for your clients’ needs. We continue to offer the most comprehensive coverage for these industries.

  • Carriers

Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada boasts 3 large carriers that support our program. You will be confident in our stable programs and our underwriting expertise.


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