Professional Liability

You have so many things to think about and do to keep your business running smoothly and successfully. This includes insurance. I know it is not the most fun or interesting topic or duty, but it is necessary. I have found that because most do not like to deal with insurance until the last minute or at all, many are not covered properly. In this industry there are 4 key types of insurance, Commercial General Liability (CGL), Professional Liability, Property & Crime. Most brokers/companies, make sure you have CGL, property & crime, but not always professional liability (also known as E&O).

It is essential that you ask if professional liability is included within your policy.

This is a very important coverage for anyone who provides a professional service such as training, advice, or anything a client can claim that was done incorrectly causing them harm or cost them money. Professional Liability offers coverage for your business against malpractice, errors, negligence & omissions and is necessary for your profession.

For insurance built specially for you, contact us today.

Have a Broker??

No problem, ask them to submit an application on your behalf. We are happy to assist them in providing you the most comprehensive coverage available.

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