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Wellness Centres • 1 to 3 Day Quote Turnaround • Payment Plans Available *

Sports and Fitness is excited to introduce this new program! 
We know that it is difficult to find coverage that will encompass the many service categories that can be offered under this very broad business sector.

We know that you are busy with all the facets of your business, and you know most the important thing is being there for your clients and to support their goals and needs. Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada feels the same way. Let us make sure you have the best coverage available to you so you can focus on being an important role in success stories instead of worrying about insurance.

Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada offers our specialty insurance to wellness centres of all shapes and sizes including but not limited to physiotherapy/athletic therapy, stress-management, chiropractic, acupuncture and other natural healing practices, older adult wellness, and much more. Let the experts help!
Notable Coverages: Participants Included.

  • Abuse Coverage
  • Malpractice Professional Liability
  • No Co-Insurance Penalty on Property Limits
  • Business Interruption Coverage
  • 7 Point Crime Coverage

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*Restrictions and a small service fee may apply 

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