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We understand that accidents can happen at any time and we’re here to make the insurance claims process as smooth as possible. Our team will handle your claim efficiently and keep you informed so you can get back to running your business.

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Sports & Fitness Insurance Claims Process



Insured / Broker calls or sends a message to report the loss providing personal information, policy number and details of the incident.



We send all information provided to 3rd Party Adjusters who set up the claim. Once they initiate the claim, we will notify the Insured / Broker.



The Adjuster reviews the claim, analyzes the policy, and determines the next steps required to evaluate and calculate the loss.



Once they finalize the claim, the Adjuster communicates with the Insured / Broker to discuss coverage and what payment you are entitled to.

We highly recommend submitting a claim as soon as possible to ensure a timely resolution. Should you experience any difficulties when communicating with the adjuster, we can assist!

Advice for Reporting a Claim

When safe to do so report the loss to Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada providing complete and accurate details as soon as possible. If unsafe to continue operations, ask about business interruption coverage. Remember to document everything including:

While You Wait

Be sure to take action to limit any further damage as required in your insurance policy. You should discuss with your adjuster how to proceed with any repairs including:

Keep damaged items unless they are dangerous or pose a health hazard. You should confirm with your insurer before disposing of any damaged property. In the meantime, you may wish to review your policy carefully to make sure you understand deductibles, coverage limits and any exclusions.

What Happens During the Insurance Claims Process

After we’ve received your claim, we’ll send your claim along to the adjusting firm which handles all of our claims. They will assign a claims adjuster to review the information provided and assess the damages. If requested, you may need to complete a “proof of loss” form listing all damaged or lost property and items including the value. 

 Depending on the severity of the claim, the adjuster may also need to gather additional information such as photos, police reports, and witness statements. That’s why it’s important to document everything. 

 Once all necessary information has been gathered, the adjusting firm will review your claim and determine coverage eligibility. Insurance companies may choose to either repair, replace or reimburse you for damaged or stolen items.

Common Claims for Sports, Fitness, Spa, and Salon Industries


Safeguard your business against claims related to Injuries caused by equipment failure, poor maintenance of facilities, slips and falls or even inadequate instruction or supervision.


Cover yourself against incidents such as slips and falls, burns, allergic reactions, or other injuries related to treatments such as waxing, colouring, tanning, massages, and other therapies.


Protect yourself from increased claims that now include injury treatments, lost wages, rehabilitation, patient care, and mental and emotional health which can easily exacerbate standard liability limits.


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