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The importance of having specialized insurance coverage for sports and fitness businesses cannot be overstated. With the various types of activities and risks associated with the sports and fitness industry, a standard insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage. Without the right coverage, sports and fitness businesses risk going bankrupt if faced with lawsuits and legal fees.

Notable Coverages:

  • Participants, Abuse, and Related Sub-Contractors included
  • No Co-Insurance Penalty on Property Limits
  • 24-Month Business Interruption
  • 8-Point Crime Coverage
  • Professional Liability Included
  • Tenants Legal Liability ($2 Million) Included
  • 24-Month Business Interruption
  • Participants Coverage Included
  • Contents In Transit
  • Flood, Earthquake & Sewer Back Up
  • Much More!
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Health Club Insurance

Health clubs can face the risk of injury to clients due to the use of equipment or negligence on the part of their employees. To mitigate such risks, you should consider a policy that includes liability coverage. This protects your business from lawsuits due to injuries and accidents that occur during a workout session.

You know the key to your business success lies in supporting your client’s goals and needs. At Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada, we echo the same sentiment. We strive to provide you with the top-notch coverage necessary to safeguard your business. This allows you to concentrate on fostering your client’s success stories instead of worrying about insurance.

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Fitness Studio Insurance

Personal training and fitness studios providing services like individual training and group fitness, yoga, pilates, Zumba, and Merrithew ™ face similar risks to health clubs. Do you have the right liability coverage to protect your business if an accidental injury during a training session results in a potential lawsuit?

Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada appreciates and understands your passion for promoting and motivating others toward a healthy lifestyle. We like to think we do the same by being passionate about keeping your business “healthy” with the most comprehensive coverage available. 

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Like good trainers, we offer advice and give you the tools to maintain the well-being of your business. No more searching, disappointment or settling for a policy that doesn’t cover your business properly. We also offer coverage to CrossFit Instructors or Affiliates, understanding the CrossFit philosophy to support you in your efforts to make Canadians fit and able-bodied.

Whether you have a full studio with employees and sub-contractors, a home-based training studio or even a mobile training business, we have a great policy for you.

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Individual Personal Trainer Insurance

To the individual instructor who teaches in clients’ homes, gyms and/or other facilities, this program was made for you! You do not need all the extensive coverage (or premium!) of a full studio package. We tailored this package to only what you need so you can put your resources into your passion for helping people attain their fitness goals.

Think you’ll eventually need the extra coverage that we offer on our studio program? It’s easy to switch. Just give us a call and we’ll lead you through the process.

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Teams & Leagues Insurance

You are in it for the love of the game, we’re in it for the love of insurance. And we’re both in a league of our own! We offer custom-written packages at affordable premiums for a variety of amateur teams, clubs, and leagues, such as Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Non-Contact Hockey and much more!

Not only do we have our comprehensive base package, but we also provide you with the option to add Personal Accident Insurance coverage. Sometimes the fun and excitement can come with added strain and risk to your participants. This coverage saves both of you time and hassle. Playing sports can be both safe and fun. We’re here to help!

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Dance Studio Insurance

Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada values your dedication to inspiring, motivating, and enriching your students’ lives and their love for dance. While you are busy making dreams come true, we are committed to providing you with the support and coverage you need. From individual instructors to large dance schools and everything in between, we have a policy that will protect you.

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Martial Arts Studio Insurance

We understand you go beyond simply teaching technique. You also focus on building character based on a strong foundation of values and morals. Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada does the same when insuring your business.

We offer a specialized insurance policy to not only cover the fundamentals of your business, but also use our experience and expertise to create the most comprehensive package to protect you.

Just as you are dedicated to helping your students achieve their personal goals, we are dedicated to providing you with the best coverage available combined with loss prevention support all year round.

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Special Events Insurance

Sometimes you just need coverage for one, two, or a series of events without the extra costs of full-year coverage.  Our special events program, unlike anything else, provides the coverage that you need for the time that you need it. 

This program can provide coverage for a wide variety of operations, from sporting competitions to trade shows, fundraising events and more!


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Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

From Beauty Salons, Esthetic Spas, Tanning Studios, and Wellness Centres to Nordic Spas, we provide specialized insurance coverage to a variety of personal service providers.

Excess Liability & Umbrella

Excess Liability & Umbrella

We offer increased liability coverage to existing commercial general liability policies to other low to medium-risk businesses. Save money, satisfy lease requirements and more!


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